It's so great to be recognised for all the hard work that goes into blogging. After setting up my blog in May 2014, my blog Your Daily Dose Of Style has gone strength to strength! Below is where I've been recognised or featured in for my blogging work.

Interviews :  
1. In Decemeber 2014 I finish an fashion internship with Mary & Milly boutique which I did for 5 months. While on the internship I was contacted by London Fashion Inters wanting to do a feature about my experience. London Fashion Intern Interview | HERE | 

2. I recently did a collaboration with Fashiola.co.uk as well as the collar they also interviewed me about my blogging experience and wanted to do a fewautre on their website about myself and my blog which can be found | HERE | on the Fashiola website. 

Website Features:
River Island February Top Picks Feature! 

Magazine Features: 
1. I've been featured twice in a North East lifestyle  Magazine called Paperbird. The first feat was in issue 1 of the magazine and was about my photography and blogging history this was half a page piece as you can see in the image below. I their 3rd issue they got back in contact and wanted to do a whole page feature about my blogging as they seen it was taking off and growing as a brand.
Alumni Campaign 
My old Sixth Form College contacted me via twitter congratulating me on my recent feature in paper bird magazine. They also contacted me regarding featuring me in their alumi campaign on the success of my blog. Shown below; 
Here is the Alumi campaign that I was featured in, this was to show off students that have previously attended SSF (Local College). I left Stockton Sixth Form with 4 A Levels of a A-C standard, which were Media Studies, Travel & Tourism, ICT & Business Studies. I'm so proud that they asked to feature myself in this campaign as it shows all my hard work is paying off & being recoginsed. They've also featured me on their college website  | HERE |
If you're following River Island on Instagram you'll see they've been running a social media campaign with the hashtag #ImWearingRI. Whenever I post a picture of myself wearing River Island on Instagram, I use this hashtag as a way of getting my images more noticed. River Island have used one of my images in this social media campaign on their website, which shows were you can get a product from
 in the image. | HERE |

Boohoo.com re-posting my Nude Faux Fur images on their Instagram page.
I've so far done two collaborations with a company called KOKO Couture . This image is taken from KOKO Couture website ft my blog. 
I'm looking forward to watching my blog grow and adding more to my Promotion/ Feature page, so make sure you keep an eye out for updates. 
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