Name: Eleanor Rees 
D.O.B: 28th July 1994, Aged 22 
Location: North East England | Teesside 
Graduate: Fashion Brand Managment | UCLan 
Employment: Self Employed, Business Owner
Job Role: Social Media Consultant & Fashion Blogger
Hello Everyone, 
Welcome to Your Daily Dose Of Style. My online fashion blog that shows off my latest outfit posts, blogger mail and events I've attended. I graduated in July 2016 from my  Fashion Brand Management degree from the University Of Central Lancashire. 

I’ve always been interested in photography and fashion so I started using Instagram before everyone joined the hype; I’ve been on the app for at least 5 years and have numerous accounts on it one that reached 19,000. I decided to start a fresh Instagram page when I started university in 2013 as I was studying fashion brand management. I heard a lot about blogging and a lot of my friends encourage me to start a blog as people were always asking where I bought items from on my Instagram. It wasn’t until my course leader encouraged me to start a blog, that’s when I took the plunge. Not a lot of bloggers were around then so it took off quite fast. I think it’s a lot harder for bloggers to become more established now, as there is so much competition.

I love getting to work with brand's I love on a day-to-day basis. The fact that my blog is also my career is pretty cool; I get to do something I love day in day out. Unlike some people's working lives, every day for me is different and I never know what email I'm going to get next.

I started my Fashion Blog 'Your Daily Dose Of Style' at the end of May 2014 & it's already bought some amazing opportunities, see the range of companies in which I've worked with on my collaboration page above. I try to post & update my blog at least twice a week, so it's always updated with new trends and my new purchases and also events I've attended. 
Up until I started my social media consultancy business ‘Collab Media’ 6 months ago blogging was my only source of income. But I did complete 3 internships during my time at university.   I always get a lot of people messaging me for help on their social media, for tutorials, for advice on how to get a following so I felt there was a gap in the market for a consultancy business to help people and independent businesses with this side of social media.

Collab Media is a social media consultancy. The main purpose of the firm is to help independent business raise their social media profile. We also offer business a social media management service where we manage their accounts. We use relevant social media marketing strategies to help businesses to build a following and grow.

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