Wednesday, 14 June 2017

FASHION | WODEN Trainers Unboxing

 Scandinavian brand Woden (WOrks of DENmark )
Hi Everyone, 
This week's blog post is dedicated to the Scandinavian brand Woden (WOrks of DENmark ), who are all about change, style and passion. I kindly sent my second pair of trainers from the brand. My first collaboration was just under a year ago when they sent me a pair of their copper sneakers, which you will have seen if you're following me on Instagram. 

I thought it was only fitting to do a blog post unboxing of the trainers to show them off in all their glory. I'll be doing a second blog post showing you how I've styled them up. 

This collaboration was to promote their SS17 trainer collection which I got to pick a pair from the range. I went for something a little bit bold but I think would be perfect for summer as they feature the blush pink cameo print. 
Woden sneakers are made of natural materials such as high-quality suede and cork, so they're definitely more unique than your high street trainer design. Not only are they comfortable but they are a bold, statement piece than can be worn with almost anything. 
 Their shoes are sold in over 500 stores Worldwide and are available in the UK at Psyche fashion. If you're after this particular design then the UK stockist of these are available at Eleven Boutique. 

Ellie Rees x 


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