Friday 6 January 2017


Photography - Junior Ayub 
Location - Middlesbrough & HIT THE BAR
1 | Gradated University |  -Highlight of my year by far, what an achievement! 3 years of hard work and I graduated fro Fashion Brand Management at UCLan. 

2 | Started my own business | I set up my consultancy business 'Collab Media'while in my last 2 months of university, some people would call me crazy as I already had so much on. But I wanted to have something ready to focus on other than just my blog and I’ve always known from a young age that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and self-employed so it seems like the next thing to do. 

3 | Got a boyfriend – Result! ha! By far the highlights of my year. But that’s it on that subject I like to leave my personal relationships off the Internet.

4|  Continued with my blog |  I can't believe I’ve been blogging for nearly 4 years! I also had some amazing collaborations during 2016. A personal highlight was the UNiDAYS summer campaign, where I got absolutely spoilt and got to work with some of my favourite high street brands.

5 Attended lots of social events | Through my work and blog, I’m lucky enough to attend some great events for either blogging or networking. This is definitely something I want to keep up for 2017. Networking events especially as they boost my confidence & is a great way to promote my business.

6  | Bought my second car – Goodbye Mini - Hello Nissan Juke. I’m glad I’m not going into 2017 with no debt to my name, something I’m proud of!  

7 | Had my third newspaper feature – The Evening Gazette did a full-page feature about my new business Collab Media which is a social media consultancy. This was great exposure for my business and I got lots of new clients from it. 

8 | Reached 17 K followers on Instagram – Might not seem like a lot but considering how much I’ve had on this year I didn’t have as much time as I'd like to invest in my Instagram and same with my blog so I’m going to try and make more time for it during 2017 as Instagram is something I’ve enjoyed doing for nearly 6 years now over 2 accounts!

 9 | Worked with Alesha Dixon & Vice – I met Alesha Dixon at a blogging event and she was very interested in my business Collab Media and wanted me to work my magic on their social media accounts. I didn’t expect to be giving my business card to Alesha Dixon that day! Vice also contacted be wanting to a feature about ‘The Girl Who Grew Up in Boro’ !

10 | Moved into my office – Because you can't run a business from a bedroom!
1 | Get into a routine  & get organised (Includes: sleep, work, relaxing) 
2 | Travel More  (First stop Paris in January) 
3 | Start saving more  (For traveling and a deposit on a house)  
4 | Hit 20K on my Instagram
5 | Continue meeting new people, I made so many new friends during 2016! 
6 | Cut milk completely out my diet
 (3 months ago I was getting really ill, turns out I’m allergic to diary, which means a complete lifestyle change for me as I was a foodie. But it's encouraged me to eat a lot healthier and I’m becoming more aware of what I’m eating.) 

Thank you for all of the support during 2016. Hopefully, I can tick off all my goals for 2017 and make it another fantastic year! 

Ellie Rees x  


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