Friday, 25 November 2016

FASHION | My #BLACKFRIDAY bargains ft. MissyEmpire & Missguided + A guide to sale shopping!

Hi Everyone, 
Following in the American tradition, Black Friday is as prominent as ever and quite frankly it's made me an anxious shopper the last few weeks. It's made me fear that anything I buy would be reduced by 50% by #BlackFriday. A added reason why it's made me quite anxious is because I've felt so pressured to buy because of the discount. 

 My mailbox the last few weeks has been full of discounted offers and persuasive emails enticing me onto a range of websites. Missguided this week dropped a 35% offer on Wednesday, which I instantly bought a bunch of clothes off, only to see a few hours later it had dropped to 50% off which made me feel slightly disappointed that I'd been too keen for the reduction.  I'd like to think the items I picked had sold out by the time the 50% offer dropped but I doubt it. 

1.    Sign up for emails 
2.    Set a budget 
2. Had a prioritises shopping list 
3. Shop on Wednesday (Sometimes, the Black Friday prices are not always the lowest price. Visit the store on Wednesday to find out. )  
4.  Look online as many retailers now start to put items on sale online before Black Friday.
5. Remember not everything is really a deal. Don’t be seduced by the hype!
6. Don’t loose your receipts 
7. Use your rewards cards 
8. Return items you don’t want, even if it’s a hassle 
9. Brace yourself for website crashes (Missguided is a guarantee!)
10. or you could just skip it completely and wait for after Christmas savings!

Even though I think overall Black Friday is over hyped and is without a doubt no longer set to one day as it's now a whole week, with some retailers promoting for nearly 2 weeks before! I still couldn't help myself picking up some new pieces for my festive wardrobe. I decided to only get things that were on my wishlist as I didn't want to buy for just buying sake. 

After seeing Sam Lavery on X-Factor channelling her inner rock chic and seeing her in an embroidered leather jacket, I fell in love and had to have one myself. I spotted this leather beauty on #MissyEmpires website for a steal price of £34.99 reduced from around £54.99 and they also had free postage. I did however only manage to get this in a size 12 but I don't think it looks too oversized and means I can wear jumpers beneath it that I can't with my All Saints leather biker jacket. 

From Missguided I managed to pick up this lace up band T-shirt dress in black which I the last size 8 in but it's quite oversized so seems more of a 10 which is perfect for me. The final item I got in the sale was this embroidered skirt which goes perfectly with my leather jacket. It features a high waist style with a slit down the leg ideal for the festive season. 

I don't think I went overboard on Black Friday. I managed to get some online bargains as well as Christmas presents for my friends & family. Overall I think this was a successful BlackFriday but I'm glad its over and hopefully Inbox Mail will die down a little!

Ellie Rees x  

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