Saturday, 1 October 2016

LIFESTYLE | Girl Who Grew Up In Boro

Girl Who Grew Up In Boro
Another day, another laughable statistic with no real substance. I was in shock/horror after seeing my hometown, the place that had given me so many great opportunities had been rated as one of the worst places to be a girl.  We have some of the best opportunities in the world on our doorstep. One study doesn't take that away. 

I was born here, raised here, educated here; work here, all by choice. I proudly call it my home. 
After leaving college with a great education & getting 4  A-levels, I went to university and completed an Hons Degree in Fashion Brand Management. All while setting up and running my online fashion blog, that to date has had over 100,000 readership. I have been recognised nationally by magazines, newspapers and brands for my hard work and dedication to the blogosphere. Evening Gazette Blogger Social Media Business
Since returning home from university, I was reminded what how great the North East is and how proud I am of this area. I have since I taken the plunge & set up my own social media consultancy business 'Collab Media', with the aim of helping local independent business to gain a wider audience. 

 The main focus of my business is to show the wider online community what Teesside has to offer, from the fantastic vintage shops to the micro-pubs and the independent restaurants. I’m also now using the reach on my blog to showcase the North East at every opportunity.
Ellie Rees Instagram Fashion Blogger

Middlesbrough Fashion Blogger
Fashion Brand Management Graduation > Successful Fashion Blogger with over 100,000 readership > Self Employed > Social Media Consultant all before the age of 21 #UTB  #thisnortherngirlcan

Ellie Rees x 

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