Tuesday, 2 August 2016

FASHION || Off The Shoulder Birthday Attire

Hi Everyone, 
On the 28th of July, it was my 22nd birthday, I don't usually tend to plan birthdays, I just go with the flow. But this year, I had a full week of birthday celebrations planned. Starting with a spa day with my best friend at Rockcliffe Hall in Hurworth. Then followed by a few days in Leeds. Of course being the girl I am, the fashion blogger came out in me and I needed new outfits for all these things I had planned. So me being me, I did my monthly (starting to become weekly) raid of Primark. 
If you’ve noticed in my recent fashion posts on my blog, black jeans seem to never be off my legs and to be quite honest I was getting bored of wearing black skinny jeans with every outfit, especially in summer. This then lead me to realised, I had no skinny blue jeans that I liked or even fitted me. 

I personally wouldn’t have bought jeans from Primark in the past as I usually associated them with ‘saggy knees’, poor fit and low quality. I couldn’t have been more than wrong. I normally buy my jeans from Matalan as I only like the high waist style but since trying these Primark ripped jeans, I’ve fallen in love. By far the best-fitted jeans I’ve owned at a bargain price of £13! 

Another thing I'm obsessed with is these off the shoulder tops, perfect for summers evening with the loose fitted long sleeves. At the moment they are my go to tops for most occasions. 
What I’m Wearing 
Top – Primark 
Hair Extensions – Pink Boutique (Hair Universe) 
Jeans – Primark 
Choker – Primark
Boots – Primark
Sunglasses – Primark 
Watch – Henry London 

Ellie Rees x 
P.S These are the sort of images you get when you a blogger shoot with your best friend, which don't usually make it onto the blog! 


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