Friday 25 March 2016


Hey Everyone,
As promised here’s my outfit post featuring the shoes I received from SOLETRADER shared in my last blog post | HERE | There’s so many outfit I could have shared with you that I’ve paired with these trainers as they go with near enough everything, especially as my wardrobe is mainly made up of black and white. 

I’ve decided to share this outfit, as my silk golden mustardbomber hasn’t made an appearance on Your Daily Dose of Style yet. So many people on my Instagram have been asking where its from so it thought it was only right to share it on my blog for you all, so you can get your hands on this ‘insta worthy’ bomber. They also sell this bomber in khaki green & black if the mustard is a little to out there.
Bomber – H&M
Grid Print Bottoms – H&M
Lace Up Top – Primark
Adidas Trainers – SOLETRADER
MakeUp – Bellissimi Beauty

These are the trainers I picked out for my SOLETRADER Collaboration they are women’s Adidas black & white slip on trainers that feature the trademark Adidas Superstar shell toe end. I love that Adidas have take a classic and switched it up with the slick monochrome colourway it works so well. SOLETRADER also sell the all white versions of these trainers. 

This week I was also invited down to Bellissimi Beautymakeup studio in Yarm for a complimentary makeover before my blogger shoot which was such a treat. Check their website out there | Bellissimi Beauty |

Thank You again, SOLETRADER. Don't forget to follow this brand on social media to get the latest deals and new release. Instagram @soletradershoes & Twitter @SOLETRADER - +SOLETRADER 

Ellie xox 


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