Sunday 20 March 2016


Hey Everyone, 
This week is another exciting shoe collaboration with high street brand SOLETRADER. SOLETRADER were kind enough to let me pick a pair of trainers off their website to feature on Your Daily Dose of Style, which I was hyped about. As you know my trainer / shoe addiction is getting slightly out of hand and I’m running out of shoe storage – first world problems hey?
Of course I went for a pair of Adidas trainers, I just couldn’t help myself but I was eyeing up a pair of Nike Thea’s that are also on the website in black, they might have to be my next purchase.
So I picked these women’s Adidas black & white slip on trainers that feature the trademark Adidas Superstar shell toe end. I love that Adidas have take a classic and switched it up with the slick monochrome colourway it works so well. SOLETRADER also sell the all white versions of these trainers. I’ve worn these trainers a hand full of times now and I can safely say they are the comfiest most lightweight trainers I’ve wore for a long time. They feature a black fabric elasticated cross straps and is what makes them so comfortable and at £69.99 they are a total bargain.

Thank You again, SOLETRADER. Don't forget the follow this brand on social media to get the latest deals and new release. Instagram @soletradershoes & Twitter @SOLETRADER - +SOLETRADER 

Ellie xox 

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