Sunday 13 December 2015

FASHION || RagDolls Suede Mac

Hey Everyone,
Sorry for the delay in getting this blog post to you, it turns out blogging is a lot harder to blog in winter that it is in the summer. From awful lighting, gale force winds, rain & snow, it seems to be impossible at the moment to get blogging pictures done without at least one of these elements making an appearance.

As you can probably tell from these images (which I apologise in advance for), storm Desmond was very much apparent the day I decided to get these blogging pictures done. Luckily I was sent this gorgeous suede mac coat from RagDolls to keep me worm. RagDolls is an online independent boutique based in Teesside.
 I’m not going to lie, I’m not one for wearing coats or jackets, I always feel the ruin your outfit so I usually choose to just go cold. But I’ve made an exception for this coat as I’m in love and haven’t taken it off since receiving it, which I’m sure body is thankful for!  The mac coat is made from thick quality faux suede so its perfect for keeping you warm during winter and adds a bit of sophistication to any outfit.
What I'm Wearing || 
Coat - RagDoll 
Leggings -Leggsington
Turtle Neck - M&S 
Knee Highs - River Island 

I styled this coat up with my knee-highs and some wet look legging. I’ve recently bought some boot versions of my knee highs as I feel they dress up any outfit and of course they make you look skinner on the leg and taller, bonus! 

Hopefully the weather improves so I can get some more blog pictures up in time for Christmas! 
Don’t forget to use the DOLL15 for 15% off your first order on RagDolls. 

Ellie xox

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