Wednesday, 10 June 2015

FASHION || In The Style 21st Birthday Attire

Hey Everyone, 
Feels so weird writing this post as my 21st birthday isn’t till 28th July, but if you’re following me on any social media platform, you’ll have seen me going on about my 3 month trip I’m going on to America next week. This means I’m not going to be in the UK with my friends & family for my actual birthday. Luckily my family booked a few days away and a hotel to have a night out with me in Newcastle to celebrate it a little early. 
I’ve vlogeged about my birthday day/night out so that will be up on my YouTube channel in the next week, so make sure you subscribe to my channel to be notified to when that’s live. The vlog features the ‘Quayside Seaside’, The Botanist & Lane 7.  

As you can see I’m head to toe in In The Style pieces and I wouldn’t have it any other way for my birthday outfit! In The Style recently sent me my second lot of blogger mail from them and they spoilt me! I received this amazing jumpsuit which I’ve been eyeing up every since I seen Charlotte from Geordie Shore promoting it. They also sent me a two-piece, which is featured on my Instagram as well as a white fringe clutch, which will be featured in Saturday’s blog post! 
What I’m Wearing || 

I’m a little bit in love with this jumpsuit from the Nostalgia range & can’t believe how comfy it is! As my birthday night out involved bowling, I wasn’t planning on wearing it due to the plunge neckline as I thought a boob slip is very likely. But after trying it on, I felt so supported and ‘boob safe’, I decided to wear it and luckily nothing embarrassing happened apart from my awful blowing techniquearen't people meant to let you win on your birthday? Not my family!  

I’m going to be wearing this plunge jumpsuit all through the summer, as it perfect with the halter neck and backless design.  Monochrome never goes out of trend and the white stripe design I went perfect with my  InThe Style White Blazer which I got for last months collaboration for the Lauren Pope collection & have not stopped wearing, I’ve wore it at least 7 times in 2 weeks!!

Don't forget to use my discount code 'ELLIE10' on InTheStyle which will give you 10% off your orders. 


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