Tuesday 19 May 2015

YOUTUBE || 1st Ever Vlog - Amsterdam Trip

Hey Everyone, 

If you’ve been following my blog ‘Your Daily Dose of Style’ for the last year you’ll have seen me saying how much I want to take the plunge and branch out across all social media platforms, including YouTube! Well I’ve finally found the confidence to start my own YouTube channel & I upload my first vlog (video blog) this week! I cant explain to you how nervous I was downloading it onto my channel, I think I was more nervous doing this, than I was when I first started my blog. 

What better way to start my YouTube blogging with a 3-day trip to Amsterdam, which is featured, in my first video! As I’m not going to be in the UK for 10 weeks this summer, it means I miss my 21st birthday with my family & friends and I was worried my 21st might not feel like a proper birthday, as I’ll be working away. My mum & dad kindly treated me to this trip as an early birthday present which means I have something I will definitely remember as a 21st birthday.  If this vlog doesn’t make you want to go to Amsterdam I don’t know what will, it’s an amazing city and I’ve put it back on my bucket list to go back as there is so much to do! 

Anyway, enjoy the video. Like & subscribe if you want to see more! Feedback would be grateful xx

Ellie xox

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