Saturday 30 May 2015

FASHION || THAT Bargain Lace Up Dress

Hi Ladies, 
So if you’re following me on Instagram (elliereess) you will have probably seen this dress A LOT & that because its my favourite at the moment. A lot of other fashion bloggers have jumped onto the hype of this dress too and I don’t blame them, especially for the bargain price of £9.99!I wasn’t going to blog about this dress for some reason but after a lot of people have been raving about it & asking on social media where I got it from, I thought it would be silly not too! Can you believe its from H&M! It’s currently sold out online, but as it’s been so popular I’m sure H&M will get it back in stock. Remember to also check your local H&M stores as they might have them in stock there. I expected this dress to be around £29.99 which I would have paid as I loved, I still cant believe its under £10!
What I’m Wearing ||
Lace up Dress- H&M
Jeans – New Look
Waistcoat – Forever 21
Bag – Michael Kors
Watch – Michael Kors
Lace up Pumps – New Look

I’ve styled this dress up in so many different ways. As this day was pretty cold and windy I paired it up with a pair of black jeans and my suede fringed waistcoat. But I’ve also worn it as a dress with my black lace up heels.  Make sure you wear appropriate underwear as its not very thick fabric with the burnt out style pattern.

Ellie xox

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