Wednesday 27 May 2015

1 Year Of Your Daily Dose Of Style

Hey Everyone.
I can’t believe I’ve been in the blogosphere for a year and what a year its been. I’ve made some great friends and memories and I’m so proud of myself for taking the step and sharing my life/fashion on the Internet! I’ve just read my first blog post and cant believe how much my blogging, photography, writing, style and confidence has grown.  I slightly cringed at my first blog post (mirror selfie central) and was so tempted to delete it but its good to keep things like that so you can look back on them and see how far you’ve came.

First Blog Post | HERE |
I’ve always promised myself that if I stopped enjoying blogging and feel pressured by it or felt it was affecting my confidence/ felt the need to compete, then I promised myself I’d & stop and take a break. A year in and I’ve still not had that feeling, in fact quite the opposite.  Every new opportunity that has developed from blogging has just pushed me to achieve and made me even more passionate about my blog.

Your Daily Dose Of Style Highlights || 
Started Vlogging
Completed 2 Fashion Internships with the help of my blog
Feature in Lancashire Evening Post (2 Full Pages)
Featured in Quiz Fashion SS15 Magazine 
3 North East Lifestyle Magazine Features
Sixth Form collage featured me in their 'Alumni Campaign'
Gained a new professional Layout for my blog
Business Cards for my blog
Blogging Events
(Fenwicks, South Beach Movie Day, Mary & Milly Boutique Launch, Fash Grads Beauty Box, Selfridges, Psyche Website Launch, Boohoo Bus Tour)See all of my other features & achievements from this year | HERE |

Favourite Collaboration's || 
In The Style – Lauren Pope Collection 

Favourite Blog Post's ||
Bedroom Tour 

I could literally write this post forever, as so much has happened and I’d love to share my own advice on blogging and what I’ve learnt this year but I think I’ll save that for another post and keep this as more of a summary. I’ve included pictures below of some outfit posts I’ve had in my blog over the last year. These are more recent outfits featured on ‘Your Daily Dose Of Style’ as I’ve done over 130 posts I couldn’t share them all, but feel free to look through them!

Thank you to everyone that’s ever read my blog and I hope you’ve enjoyed following my journey, that I feel is only just beginning! I’m determined to turn this hobby into a job of some sort, so the best is hopefully yet to come! 

Ellie xox


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