Saturday, 11 April 2015

FASHION || Dungaree Prep Day & Camp America

Hey Ladies, 
So if you’re following me on any social media platforms, you might have seen me banging on about my upcoming travel adventures. I’m off to American for 10/11 weeks with Camp Leaders. I start in New York for a few days, then the purpose of the trip is that I’ve been placed at Camp Wah Nee in Connecticut, for 8 weeks as an Arts and Crafts leader, as well as being trained as a lifeguard while I’m out there, then I’m off touring America for the rest of the trip! 

(I’m of course going to be doing blog posts and hopefully Vlogs about my adventures the whole summer and obviously outfit posts featuring my American attire!) 
Before you go to camp, you first of all have got to apply for your US working VISA which means you have to visit the American embassy in London or Belfast for an interview (I’m going to Belfast next week for mine) as well as attending a prep day, which talks you through the travel experience.  As my prep day was up and coming I had a major ‘I hate my wardrobe’ moment as I realised I had no casual ‘chill clothes’ nor did I have any spring summer 15 clothes and with the warm weather the UK has been having recently, this was a serious problem. 
I first off started by raiding my mum’s wardrobe… until she caught me in the act.

So change of tactics, I persuaded my mum to take me on a 2 day shopping spree to update my wardrobe so I had a ‘casual outfit’ to wear to the prep day and also some spring /summer clothes for the warmer weather.
First stop was H&M, which is always a winner when you need casual attire. My mums the best person to go shopping with because she always finds gems in the sales! She picked up these black dungarees, which were only £15, Kanye style shades for £2 and this tee was only £5! (Full outfit for £23, bonus!) I used to think dungarees were quite childish especially the oversized denim blue ones, but I’ve changed my view on them after trying on these black skinny dungarees. I have to admit I did get a few funny looks walking round Newcastle in them and I understand they aren’t to everyone’s taste, but personally I love them! 
What I'm Wearing || 
Dungarees - H&M sale (£15) 
White Tee - H&M (£5)
Fedora - H&M
Bag - Beehola 
Lace up Shoes - New Look
Elephant Choker Necklace - Luna Charms
I then hit Primark, New Look & Topshop so look out for my new outfits on Your Daily Dose Of Style very soon, I can’t wait to share my buys with you!
As I’m writing this I’ve just finished my Camp Leaders prep day, and I did wear this outfit, which was comfy and fitting for the day. I paired this outfit with a white denim jacket as on the morning it was quite cool, (double denim, I know risky!) this was also part of my recent haul & it was from Primark.

 I also won a Camp Leaders tee for the best selfie! –
Total random fact right there, clearly a proud moment.

Ellie xox

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