Monday, 30 March 2015

FASHION || Thigh High Appreciation

Hey Ladies,
If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m a little obsessed with thigh high boots! I’ve been after these beauties for some time now; everywhere I looked they seem to be out of stock – Fashion Bloggers worst nightmare! I was beginning to loose hope until I spotted them on PrettyLittle Thing.  These boots are perfect for keeping my legs warm and are so comfy due to the platform chunky heel.
These boots seem to be my wardrobe staple and I base so many outfits around them! Although I’ve leant you do seem to get quite a few people staring, what is it a about a bit of thigh that people find so offensive?! 
I find this time of the year so hard in terms of what to wear on a day-to-day basis, its cold but all the spring/ summer clothes are in all the shops. At the momentI can't even contemplate wearing most of the new season arrivals outside! I’ve lived in my River Island thigh highs for so long and I begin to realise that all my blog outfit pictures started to look the same. 

River Island Thigh High Blog Post | HERE
If you'd read in my previous blog post | HERE | I was on a bit of a downer about the state of my hair, it was split end central and I no longer liked the ginger not so ombre look. So after 7 months I, finally, dragged myself to the hair dresser and attempted to get it sorted. I have a weird fear about hairdressers, I hate the thought of sitting in front of a mirror staring at yourself, which is weird for a fashion blogger, as I spend a lot of my time taking selfies and forever editing my Instagram snaps, but anyway! 
I also invested in some new extensions which I've also been putting off mainly due to the price £140 but I finally got some money together and invested in some new hair. (I wear hair a hair piece to thicken my hair) I try to get a new one every 4/5 months which is the recommended but its difficult when you're a skint student. I left it 8 months this time so you can imagine the state my extensions were in and why I wasn't happy in myself. 
So anyway back to the boots, I thought it was time to invest in alternative pair, I did contemplate getting the maroon colour but I decided to play it a little safe and go with the grey, Although these boots are from a different store(online), they are exactly the identical style & fit. The only thing that was different was the price tag and of course the colour! (River island - £70 | Pretty Little Thing - £40 #bargain.
What I'm Wearing || 
Jumper - H&M 
Shirt - H&M 
Thigh Highs - Pretty Little Thing
Watch - Tag 
Ring - Primark
Hope you like my new hair, I'm so tempted to get the ends dyed, but one I'm not sure what colour and two I like the idea of being all brown for spring. 

Ellie xox

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