Friday, 20 March 2015

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Hey Ladies, 
I wore this outfit for Mother’s Day, I’m so glad I managed to come home & surprise my mum for the weekend, I think she really appreciated it and it was great to spend some time at home with the family.  Of course she was a gem and took my blogging pictures on a walk down to the infinity bridge in Teesside, which is one of my favourite places in the North East. You can see the reflection of the bridge in the background of these images. 
As Preston town is so bad for shopping I tend to try and save all my money for when I come home so I can have a mad shopping trip, which is exactly what I did that weekend in Middlesbrough, which is the closest town to where I live. I came away with two brand new outfits, 3 pair of shoes and some beauty bits, which might sound a lot, but the majority was from Primark! 

Outfit 1 from my haul | HERE
I’ve always been a big fan of grid print & if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll have seen various grid print pieces popping up in my posts and Instagram snaps. I love the simplicity and minimalistic look the print has to it. I already own a pair of grid print tailored trousers but for some reason I felt I had too have another pair, this pair are a little longer and more snug on the leg. I think the reason why I bought them was because I love the fabric, they remind me of the school trousers that you used to be able to get, from New Look which were made out of this stretchy material that was super fitter & flattering!
What I'm Wearing || 
Coat - River Island 
Turtle Neck - Primark (bought a size 12 so it was baggy)
Trousers - Primark 
Bag - Beehola 
Sunglasses - River Island 
Shoes - New Look  (sized up due to small fitting)
 Beehola quilted black bag featured in this blog post | HERE
 Last weekend was also exciting, because I applied for my working VISA application ready for my summer working in an American camp as a Arts & Crafts leader and also training to be a life guard! I've just booked my flights to Belfast as I have to have an interview at the U.S. Embassy before I go. I wish you could put a filter on a passport photo or at least smile, I look so miserable! 

Ellie xox
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