Wednesday, 11 February 2015

FASHION || Return of the Mac

Hey Ladies,
 I feel like I know my own personal style quite well but then I buy a key piece for my wardrobe and it completely changes my view on my own style. Whenever I buy new clothes I take them home & I'm like what the heck did I wear before I had this?!
At then end of 2014 I thought I could define my style quite well, but looking back it’s actually quite random and some outfits even from a few months back, I wouldn’t wear now! With the New Year 2015 I decided to change my style  up a little as I wanted to go for the more sophisticated chic look. Since I bought a camel coloured coat in the RiverIsland sale on Boxing Day I’ve been obsessed with that colour pallet. Recent buys for my wardrobe are either, camel, cream, maroon, black, brown or white, I feel that these are perfect shades for winter. Personally I think they suit me a lot more than pastels or bright colours.
What I'm Wearing || 
Mac - Primark 
Trousers - H&M 
Heel Boots - Parisia Fashion 
Shirt - H&M 
I’ve had quite a bit of a mad coat obsession the last 2 months; I’ve gone from having none to having 9 that are all quite similar in different shades! I’ve got issues and a shopping problem! – In my defence I’ve recently taken up a little hobby of charity shopping and vintage shopping as I find it a buzz when I find a bargain (I recently found a Burberry mac for £70 and scarf for £6 – I’ll be featuring them on my blog soon!). So a lot of these coats that I’m getting are for bargain prices and 4 of them I haven’t paid more than £8 for, crazy I know!
This mac I picked up from Primark would you believe, this was £25 which personally I feel is quite expensive for Primark but then I think if this was in River Island it would be priced around £60 minimum so really I’ve got a bit of a bargain. Primark’s prices I feel have gone up a lot more than they used too but the range and on trend pieces they have it’s understandable they’ve really stepped up their gam. Primark is now my favourite high street store for throw away fashion.
Ellie xox 

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