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FASHION || Vintage Shopping Guide

5 Steps to Successful Vintage Shopping ||
Hey Ladies, 
If you’ve been following Your Daily Dose Of Style recently you’ll have seen I’ve taking a massive liking to vintage and charity shopping! I think I love it so much became it’s the thrill of the hunt.  I love the idea of wearing a vintage piece that no one else will have as its not on the high-street.  Let’s face it, you aren’t going to find the latest collection from Topshop or ASOS on a charity shop rail for 50p, so if that’s what you’re after you might as well stop reading as its all about vintage and old school thrift.

A lot of people discard the idea of charity shopping as they assume everything is scruffy, old peoples clothes that smell like dead people (quote from my brother), be prepared to be proved wrong with this how to guide to charity and vintage shopping.
1.Don’t be put off by preconceptions |
The most important rule of charity shopping is to leave your prejudices at home. There’s nothing shameful or low-market about them. You’ll get absolutely nowhere in your hunt for bargains if you go in with the mind set that everything in a charity shop is rubbish, as it isn’t. – But yes wash everything once you’ve got it home.

2.Vintage VS New |
A quality vintage piece can cost as much as current couture (ahem, vintage Chanel) so why would you choose a pre-owned item over something brand new? Because it’s probably made better! The rule is usually the older the piece, the higher the quality. Not to mention that with a vintage designer item you likely won’t spot any other gal on the street carrying that same bag or wearing that same coat. – Bonus!

3.Visit Frequently |
Unlike most high street stores, you’ll find that charity shops will have new stock out everyday! One day you might find absolutely nothing, but who’s to say what might be brought in tomorrow?
4. Shop Unisex |
Don’t just shop in the female section, shop unisex as charity and vintage shops aren’t exactly known for being organised shops, think more car boot sale rather than OCD shop layout. You might find something intended for the opposite gender that looks unexpectedly great.

5. Start Small | 
If you’re a nervous beginner, start with a new bag or necklace. You’ll soon get the buzz of finding a bargain. Also remember your current wardrobe as there’s no point in buying something just because its cheap and is 'vintage' if its not going to go with anything in your wardrobe, then theres no point buying! 
 What I'm Wearing ||
Mac Trench - £6.50 Charity Shop Find 
Burberry Scarf - £6 Vintage Shop Find
Roll Neck Jumper - H&M 
Knee High Boots - River Island
Let me know in the comments below your favourite vintage shop buys, mines a Burberry Trench picked up for £70 from a vintage shop in Stockport! 
Ellie xox  

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