Wednesday, 18 February 2015

FASHION || H&M Sale Haul

Hey Ladies,
I’ve become a massive fan of sale and charity shopping in the last few months. If you’ve seen in some of my previous blog posts I’ve picked up some bargains along the way, my favourite is my Burberry trench coat which I picked up for £70.  In a way I guess you could say I’ve turned shopping into a hobby (Sad I know, but I know a lot of girls that can relate to this.)

I used to hate sale shopping with a passion, I was the sort of person that had one or two things in mind when shopping so it was a case of going in and buying then getting out as soon as I could. Shopping used to stress me out a great deal as I hate crowed situations; now I’m starting to browse more and it’s paying off. I’m getting my hands on some bargains and enjoying myself at the same time! I still get a bit anxious when shopping on my own so I always tend to go with someone which is more enjoyable anyway.  
Last week I hit the H&M sale and got my hands on a jumper and shirt for half the original price. I’m obsessed with wearing shirts at the moment I love the chic look, so when I spotted this long white shirtdress I had to have it. I’ve previously wore it on its own | HERE | but I think it also works well under things like this bargain £10 H&M jumper.
Shirt - H&M
Jumper - H&M Sale 
Knee High Boots - River Island (Back In Stock!)
Bag - Bank Fashion
Watch - Michael Kors
Skull Ring - Topshop
Necklace - ASOS
Ellie xox 

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