Wednesday 7 January 2015

LIFESTYLE || Bedroom Tour - Christmas Edition

Hey Ladies,
So as I’ve mentioned in my 2015 New Years resolution post, was that I wanted to mix up what I’m featuring on ‘Your Daily Dose of Style’.  I not only want to be writing about fashion, but I also want to cover lifestyle, beauty as well as events and daily outing to make it a little more interesting to read.

Recently I’ve moved house, which means I’m not longer a little version of Harry Potter living in the box room. I’ve finally got a room where I can move about and decorate properly, for those of you that haven’t seen my pervious bedroom on my Instagram page, it was all built in furniture and wasn’t even big enough for a single bed, I had a junior bed! 
After 20 years, I’ve now finally been able to pick out some gorgeous furniture and make my new bedroom my own personal space.

I’ve wanted to do this blog post for so long, but as I picked a handmade bed and wardrobe it meant that they took 4 months to make and be shipped over from Italy. So basically when we moved in I was sleeping on a mattress and I was using a clothing rail as my main wardrobe – not ideal! Once they arrived I only had full use of my bedroom for around 5 days as I had to move back to university in Preston to carry on the second year of my degree. After being away for 4 months I finally got a much-welcomed break for Christmas. I’m very fortunate that I get 5 weeks off at Christmas and I’m taking full advantage of this! Finally I’ve settled back in, enjoyed Christmas and I feel its perfect time to do a room tour post!

Bed Details -  
Pillows - Primark 
Bed Sheets - Primark 
PatchworkThrow - Primark 
Fluffy Throw - B&M 
Bird Wallpaper - B&M
Laptop - Mac Book Pro 
Bedside Table 
Bedside Table - Dunelm Mill 
Books - Diary Water-stones
Girl Online WHSmith
Dictionary Of Fashion - Dior (Urban Outfitters
Photoframe Image - Vogue Urban Outfitters
Jewellery Box - Vintage

Chest Of Drawers (4)
I wish it was acceptable to keep christmas decorations up all year round, I'm so reluctant to take mine down as my room looks so bare without them! So I apologise for the Christmas decorations, no doubt ill be forced to take them down soon.

Drawers - Dunelm Mill
Mirror - B&M 
Mannequin - The Range 
Buddha Head Candle - B&M
Grey candle and white holder -IKEA 
Photoframe - Dunelm Mill 
Photoframe art work - Dottie Rocks Design 
Big Buddha - The Range 
Wardrobe / Dressing Table 
Wardrobe - HomesDirect365
Dressing Table - Dunelm Mill
Drawers - Ikea 
Accessories (Flowers, Pot, Frame) Ikea 
Candle - Yankee 
Bin - Wilkinsons 
Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my room, I'll be posting more images over on my social media platforms so make sure you follow me. If you have any questions be sure to comment below. 


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