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LIFESTYLE || 2014 Summary

Happy New Year!
2015 ||
Happy New Year!  This is my 2014 summary so I apologise in advance for the text heavy post. I just want to start by saying I hope everyone had an amazing NYE, no doubt you’ll all be nursing your hangovers this morning/ afternoon. I for one am fresh as a daisy because I decided to spend the night with my amazing, supportive family, watching movies and eating myself into a food coma. Can you believe 2000 is now as far away as 2030, slightly depressing don’t you think?!

What an amazing year 2014 has been for me, everything has started to fall into place this year and I feel that 2014 was the year I found my true self! I started my blog at the end of May 2014 and I can’t believe how well it’s actually taken off and people want to actually read my blog! For those of you that don’t know I’m dyslexic and have struggled with spelling and reading all my life, which is what had put me off from wanting to go online and set up a blog as my confidence with writing is so low. From having my blog, my confidence has grown so much; My writing is always improving, I’m starting to think outside the box more, I’ve made so many new friends and had some great opportunities along the way. 2015 is going to be the year for ‘Your Daily Dose Of Style’ so keep your eyes out for some big things! So far ive been featured twice in a lifestyle magazine & my old Sixth Form collage has featured me in their 'Alumni Campaign' - all can be found on my features page

In 2014 I also got accepted onto an interning role for an independent boutique in the North West which has enabled me to see all elements of a business and what areas I enjoy more which is something I feel will help me when I leave university.

[About My Internship]
[Interview About My Internship]

Another great achievement from 2014 is that in September, I got offered the role of the  ‘Deputy Lifestyle Editor’ of Pluto newspaper which was overwhelming and has boosted my confidence greatly. After 3 months of being in that role the opportunity arose where I was offered the ‘Lifestyle Editor’ role which I was over the moon with as i'm very much a leader and I like having the responsibility & creativity of the role!
My last big achievement of 2014 was that I got accepted onto camp America and I’m going to Connecticut for 8 weeks over summer to work as a arts and craft leader! I’m planning on documenting this trip either via blog posts with images or vlogging (Video Blogging. I got a GoPro for my 20th birthday so I’m planning on filming a lot of what I get up to and posting it on YouTube, so keep your eyes out for when I create my YouTube account.
 2014 has been such a busy year for me, but it just shows hard work pays off and I’m very excited for what 2015 has to offer.

Todays Outfit Of The Day || 

New Year’s Resolution for 2015      - 

Blogging || 
Blog 3-4 times a week
don’t take on too much
take part more in the blogging community
Up my blog photography game
if I stop enjoying blogging, take a break and find the reason why I started it in the first place
set up a YouTube account & start Vlogging (Video Blogging)
Invest in a better camera

Life || 
Lose Weight
Make more time for family
limit myself on social media daily
Get a 1st or 2.1 in my second year at uni

Overall 2014 has been a huge success from new beginnings to learning some tough life lessons. From 2014 I’ve learnt that family is everything and my family is one of a kind. You have to put yourself first sometimes because apart from family, no one else will; it turns out your allowed to be a little selfish in your 20’s.  I feel like 2015 is going to be my golden year and I’m going to work very hard and have a lot of fun along the way to ensure it is!

Ellie xox 


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