Saturday 3 January 2015

FASHION || Welcoming 2015 in Style

New Year, New Style ||
Happy 2015 Everyone!
Last year was a fantastic year in the blogosphere and I think 2014 was the year bloggers have started to really be taken seriously in the retail and online world, which means there is a lot more bloggers on the scene and it’s becoming  more ‘competitive’. I’ve always promised myself that if I start to not enjoy blogging and feel pressured by it, then I’ll stop and take a break. So far, so good I’ve not felt like that and I’m feeling more motivated than ever to make my blog work and have aims for it to be more successful in 2015.  I’ve got some great idea for my blog and hopefully they turn out as planned and they are something people want to read. I’m going to try and mix my blog posts up a little more and not just write about fashion and my day to day outfits, but more lifestyle posts which give a bit more of an insight into my life. 
I’m always trying to improve my own personal fashion style and I don’t just tend to follow what’s in or what celebrities are wearing,  I just tend to buy and wear what I like even if it’s not ‘on trend’. This year my aims in fashion are to buy ‘quality over quantity’. I want to buy higher end items that are going to last longer rather than buying throwaway fashion regularly. That doesn’t mean I’m no longer going to shop in Primark as it will always be one of my favourite stores as it’s so affordable and has all the fashion essentials. I just want to start buying more key pieces in my wardrobe that are a little pricier than the set throwaway fashion value. 
What I'm Wearing - 

Coat - River Island (Similar)
Shirt - New Look 
Leather Bottoms - H&M (Similar)

Necklace - H&M
Top - Primark 
Shoes - Primark
Bag - Bank Fashion 
I’ve wanted this box style camel coat for months but with the running up to Christmas and being a full time student living away from home, I couldn’t justify paying £80 for it! I’ve been after a camel coat for so long as they are a key piece in anyone’s winter wardrobe, I think they look sophisticated and classy. I’ve seen so many people wearing them, I did have my eye on the Missguided on but that was also a little pricey. On Boxing Day me & my mum got up at the crack of dawn and hit the sales hard. I was chuffed when I spotted the coat in the River Island sale for £50, which I feel is a total bargain saving £30! They only had a size 12 left but after trying it on, I felt it didn’t look too big and was meant to be worn a little oversized due to the box sizing. 
Ellie xox

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