Tuesday 20 January 2015

FASHION || Missguided - Blending In.

Hey Ladies, 
So I definitely didn’t plan this outfit to the background for these blog snaps. I didn’t intend to be a chameleon when styling this outfit up. I totally didn’t realise how much my hair, jacket and wall all blended in. I’m hoping it’s just the lighting of the images or maybe I’m in serious denial and need to get my hair done ASAP! The jacket on the other hand was stolen out of my mums amazing wardrobe which I tend to raid on a daily basis, she says she hates it when I do it, but deep down she definitely loves that her 20 year old daughter borrows her clothes for blogging, she’s got better style than me! (Thanks Mum)
I’m so into my shirts at the moment and love the smart more professional style as I think people take you a lot more seriously when your outfits have a bit of class to them! I’m sure people see right through the attire when they start talking to me, but first impressions are important. I’ve been after one of these pussybow blouses for so long and I was gutted when the one on ASOS had sold out. Luckily Missguided are bang on trend as usual as  & they stock these oversized bow style blouse/shirts. I was torn between the grid print one and this white one. If I wasn’t a poor student I’d of purchased both… but I’m am so I have to be sensible & I knew I’d get a lot more wear out of the white one.

I styled this outfit with my high waisted leather trousers which I have not had off recently & this camel - I want to say coat buts its not really that sort of style, nor is it a blazers it’s a mix between the two, but whatever it is I love it!

I recently got gifted this world map faced watch with the white strap which I love, which is off a company called Arcus Accessories which sell a range of watches, necklaces, bracelets etc.
 I’m a really big fan of this watch because I’m such a big fan of travelling. I’m spending 10 weeks in America this summer & when I finish university next year I’m going backpacking solo for a year. I’ve already been lucky enough to travel all over the world supporting my dad with his IRONMAN competitions so I’m well travelled & I feel this watch reminds me of how big the world is and how much more I’ve got to see and to tick off my bucket list!
What I'm Wearing || 
Blouse - Missguided 
Jacket - Mango 
Trousers - H&M 
Heels - Topshop 
Ellie xox


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