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LIFESTYLE || Manchester Christmas Market

Manchester Christmas Market 
Hey Ladies,
 This week I headed to Manchester to visit the Christmas Markets for the first time with my fave! Its been on my bucket list for years and I've just never got round to it, but seen as though I'm living in Preston at the moment it was the ideal time to go as its only 40 minutes on the train! As my friends all know, I'm not really one for public transport and I've never got the train on my own before, but I thought this would be the better option for traveling down as its quite relaxed and I know parking is a nightmare in Manchester plus it means you can drink! 
I'd definitely recommend everyone should go to the world famous  Manchester Christmas Market, its a fantastic experience and totally gets you feeling all festive! Its made me event more excited for Christmas & I cant wait to get home after being away from my family for 4 months! The market is right in the centre of the city centre and is only about 10 minutes away from the train station! Its a fabulous place to shop for unique and one off Christmas presents, as well as being a hugely popular leisure destination in its own right! I couldn't believe the range of market stalls across Manchester City Centre there was around 300 stalls, a lot of them being food & drink, crafts and jewellery. 
I couldn't believe the range of food & drink, I was definitely in my element! And the diet went out the window, but who cares its Christmas soon. If you can't treat yourself now when can you! I decided to treat myself to dutch pancakes filled with Nutella & banana it was a taste sensation, I didn't want it to end! I'm not the biggest fan of alcohol so the mulled wine & beer didn't really appeal to me, so I went with the hot chocolate that was on offer, which definitely warmed me up!
We went to the market at 3 before the rush hour started, but then we also went back at 6 to soak up the atmosphere when all the Christmas lights were on and it was busier. I also got a German sausage which was delish but sent me into a food coma!   

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I've already booked in my diary a trip back to Manchester as one day isn't enough to take it all in, especailly as Manchester is such a big city. I totally recommend it for a day / night trip & I cant wait to do some more Christmasy themed blog posts!

More images of the Manchester Christmas Market are over on my Instagram page, follow me @elliereess

Ellie xox

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