Tuesday, 11 November 2014

FASHION | Celeb Look & M&M

 Celeb Look & Mary & Milly 
Hey Ladies,
Last month I did a collaboration with Celeb Look ft this maroon (Wine coloured) eyelash lace dress which is definitely my favourite dress in my autumn wardrobe. Everyone was asking where it was from when I wore it on a recent night out so its definitely a popular one! If you've got your eye on it, i'd get your hands on it fast before it sells out (Again!) I thought I'd style this dress up a bit differently so you could wear it more casual rather than on a night out.

Check out the other way I style up this dress HERE ||

You might have noticed in my last two blog posts that I've had a bit of change in hair colour. The truth is, that I've never actually dyed my natural hair, I've always been the same colour brunette and never really experimented. After starting blogging, I've realised that my hair looks the same in every picture which was really bugging me! So I've took the plunge, manned up and finally dyed my hair! Ok, so it might only be the end buts its a start right? I don't think i'm going to dye my hair any outrageous colours like pink, any time soon! Baby Steps. Hopefully you like the new look and personally I think its perfect for Autumn! 
What I'm Wearing ||
Dress - Eyelash Lace Bodycon Dress (Wine)
Boots - River Island 
Faux Fur Gilet - Mary & Milly 
Rings - Primark
Watch - Michael Kors
 If you're following me on my social media platforms (Twitter @elliereess & Instagram @elliereess) you'll have seen I recently got a Fashion Internship with a boutique called Mary & Milly. As part of my internship I get to wear their pieces as uniform which is a massive perk and is definitely help update my wardrobe. This week I picked out this gorgeous Faux Fur gilet which goes with almost everything!

About My Internship
Ellie xox
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