Thursday, 16 October 2014

Something Different - KoKo

KOKO Couture //
Hey Ladies,
So KoKo Couture has completely encouraged me to step out my comfort zone with with dress that they sent me this week! To be honest this outfit is something I wouldn't normally wear, but its good to make a change, as fashion isn't predictable so I don't want my wardrobe to be! It was time to unleash some print into my wardrobe & this dress has certainly done this!

KoKo Couture
 is a brand new online fashion retailer based in Manchester, specialising in women's clothing, bags, jewellery and hairpieces.They have an amazing range of bags from perfume bottle style bags to clutch bags.

Starting with this outfit, mainly the dress, its not monochrome which at the moment is all I've been wearing, hence the need for change! Also its very in face (which isn't a bad thing!), I also never wear tights, I either have my legs out or I wear trousers so I actually had to go & buy some tights to go with this outfit. With autumn definitely in full swing I couldn't go bare legged with this outfit as it would probably look ridiculous & be very cold!

I wore this outfit to go to the Traffod Centre which I've only been to once and that was years ago! I can't believe how big and great for shopping & food that place is. I'll be doing a blog haul post on what I bought from there so keep your eyes out!

Dress - Koko Couture 
This drsss is a Clara patterned mini dress & they also do this print in a T-shirt dress if you're after something more casual. This dress was perfectly easy to style up or dress down with chunky ankle boots which I choose to wear as these boots are so comfy to walk round in & the gold detailing on the side of the boots matches my watch -  it is the ultimate wardrobe update!
What I'm Wearing //

Watch - Michael Kors
Heel Boots - Parisia Fashion

Bag - Bank Fashion 
 I'm currently writing a piece for the newspaper I work for, on Henna's so I've been creating my own henna & designs that I've been testing out on myself & my friends. I've used henna in replacement for bracelets at the moment & I love this design I created to go up my arm. I then just accessorized with a little ring & my Michael Kors watch. 
Check out their Instagram @KOKOCoutureUK
Facebook - KoKo Couture UK

Also have a look at another collaboration which I have done with KoKo Couture which features a gorgeous dogtooth bowling bag! - The Bowler

Ellie xox
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