Wednesday 1 October 2014

FASHION || Saints & Sinners

Hey Ladies, 
So I'm back living in Preston which means a change of scenery for my blogging pictures. If you're a blogger you'll agree with me when I say its great when you find any location to take photographs for your blog that work well. Sad I know, but I buzz when I find a particular nice door or backdrop for my blogging pictures. 21 century life blogger problems!
If you've read my 'About Me' page on my blog, you'll see I study Fashion Brand Management with photography @ UCLAN which is based in Preston & I'm also a Deputy Lifestyle Editor for a newspaper called 'Pluto' as well as being a Fashion Intern for Mary & Milly (I'll do a blog post more in this within the next few weeks). All being well I'm still going to be updating my blog as much as I can, and give you a bit more detail into what I do day to day around my job & degree. But I do apologise for not blogging much this week!

Now Back To The Fashion....

With it being freshers in Preston a lot of things are going on for the students which include a lot of fashion events. This week I attended the Boohoo Bus Tour event as a Fashion Blogger (blog post will be up this week about this event) Also a VIP Fashion event at Fishergate Mall in Preston, & I also went along to the Student Lock In at St.Georges to make the most of the student discount perks. 

At the St. Georges Student Lock'in Event I went into a fashion shop called Saints & Sinners that sell affordable women's and men's fashion. They get a weekly delivery so there is always something different in store. As well as a wide range of on trend clothes they also sell a wide selection of footwear including big brands like Nike, Vans, Converse & even boutique heels a boots for women. 
What I'm Wearing 
Grid Print Jacket - Saints & Sinners 
Shoes - Parisia Fashion 
Joni Jeans - Topshop 
Top - Primark 
Necklace - Ying Yang (holiday Buy) Moon Necklace -Double Cross 
Extensions - Locks 
Shock I've bought grid print again, and shock its in black & white! I'm so predicable this Autumn & I seem to only buy one trend. I've definitely got monochrome madness! I've seen this jacket featured on so many different fashion sites but I've never seen it in store till I went into Saints & Sinners during the Student Lock In. I've never seen a shopping mall so busy in my life it was as if stores were giving away things! Luckily I managed to get my hands on this jacket before it sold out. I bought it in a size 10, but looking back I wish I bought it in a size 12 so it wasn't as tight when I wear things underneath it, but never mind I still love it! With student discount it only came to £17 or which, which is a lot cheaper than online where I've seen them being sold for £30!
Once again apologies for not blogging much this week but I'll be back to blogging 2/3 times a week starting from now and I've got a lot of new and interesting blog posts coming up so to keep up-to-date with them follow me on bloglovin' @elliereess or @yourdailydoseofstyle. 

I've got a blog post featuring
- the Boohoo Bus Tour experience I went too
- Bedroom Tour & Uni Bedroom Tour
- Recent Haul Outfit
- Boohoo Buys
& many more 

Ellie xox 

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