Wednesday, 10 September 2014

GADGET || Selfie Pod

 This week i received a piece of blogger mail that's a bit different from the usual fashion pieces. This blogger mail is still very relevant to myself and Your Daily Dose of Style. As you might know if you're following me on Instagram @elliereess i'm partial to a selfie or two. Like the quote 'behind every girls selfie is approximately 47 nearly identical pictures that just don't cut it! - and that pretty much sums me up! That quote leads perfectly into my blogger mail that I received from Neil over at Selfie Pods, they kindly send me this white selfie pod so I could carry on snapping away taking selfies tol my hearts content.
Selfie Pods turn you smart phone (for me it's my Iphone 5) selfies, group shots and festival snaps even better. Selfie Pods come in a range of 7 colours. I picked the white one, but you can also choose from black, blue, pink, green, purple & orange. The Selfie pod has an extendable arm which allows the user to take photos that you couldn't normally take. The seflie pod will be great for my blogging pictures as it allows me to take full outfit pictures myself and without the use of a standing tripod
The way you use the selfie pod is you attach it to the sturdy clasp which is attached to the extendable arm, you open the camera in your iPhone and use bluetooth to connect the remote, then snap way. (This you have to buy separately but still only costs £2.99)
If you don't have the remote there is a simple way of also taking the pictures with the use of a app called 'Timer Cam' which also works really well, I've tried both ways and both help to take the perfect selfie! 
Testing out the Selfie Pod was a lot of fun, but I'm not going to lie I did get a few funny looks waving about a stainless steel stick in the local park. You also have to be careful went positioning the smartphone into the phone holder as on a few occasions I knocked the iPhone out with resulted in a mini heart attack where I thought I'd smashed my phone, which is every iPhone users nightmare, believe me! Once you get the gist of the Selfie Pod it doesn't happen unless you knock it yourself. 
The Selfie Pod remote also comes in handy when taking pictures, you can get a tripod (the selfie pod also doubles up as a tripod if you take the phone holder off, and it also works with the GoPro cameras) to hold your phone, or rest it against something and press the button and it takes the picture for you! 
Thank you again to Selfie Pods for sending me this gift, it will be definitely getting used a lot! Get your hands on your one selfie pod and also feature on their instagram page. 
Ellie xox


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