Saturday 2 August 2014

Dollywood Party Dress

Party Dress
I've totally dragged out my birthday for at least a week now. This is the last of my 20th birthday celebrations. I've just recently moved to a bigger house so I wanted to make the most of this. So I decided to plan a house party and a night out after. This meant I was after the perfect dress, which meant I had to pay a visit to my favorite boutique Dollywood . I tried at least 5/6 dresses & two pieces on before I came across this beauty. 
 I love this Victoria Blue & Cream dress with the lace sleeves, I looks really classy and sophisticated which is the look I was going for & the colour really makes you stand out in a crowd. This dress has a panel skater style on the bottom of the dress which is so cute & makes the dress very girly. This dress was quite short which I didn't realised when I tried on, so I had to wear a pair of hot pants under neither just to keep my dignity! If I were to buy this dress again I'd get the size up just so its a little longer. 
This dress was bought in Dollywood boutique but you can also find in on the website (link to dress). It was priced at £22 which I think is so reasonable for a dress like this especially as I've seen a lot of celebrity's wearing a similar one. Dollywood also do a cheaper version of this dress if you're on a budget as its only £10. (Link To Dress)
 Even though this dress has a cream top, the cream is almost white . As I couldn't get my hands on a nice pair of cream heels. I decided to wear these Missgudied white block heels that I got for my birthday & I also used the white & gold clutch that I also got as a present for my birthday. I wouldn't normally buy heels in white & they are bound to get dirty and scuffed so fast, especially on nights out. I've made the error of buying suede shoes in the past which due to the suede materiel means they don't clean well, so hopefully with these leather ones they'll last a little longer.
Even Lucy Mecklenburgh has been seen in this Three Floor blue & cream dress. As well as Vicky Pattison. So make sure you get your hands on this dress while its still in stock. (Links above)

Ellie xox

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