Wednesday, 16 July 2014


 Hey Ladies, 
If you're following me on Instagram (elliereess) you'll see I received the best email I've got in a long time! This email was from Emma over at Triangl Swimwear saying she'd came across my Instagram page and the company wanted to send me a piece from the Triangl Swimwear or Underwear collection as a gift! As you can imagine, I was over the moon with this and couldn't wait to receive it( total perks of being a blogger)!This email has came at the perfect time as  I'm jetting off holiday this week to Portugal for the first time, so it would be a perfect oppotunity to wear it! 
Emma from TRIANGL was lovely and dead helpful! She let me choose my top 3 picks off the website just in case on of them was out of stock. The 3 pieces I choose were:

- Billie Firefly swimwear 
- Coco Moonbeams swimwear 
- Indiana Ice swimwear 

I decided to pick from the swimwear collection rather than the underwear collection mainly because of my upcoming holiday and I love the bikinis everyone seems to be raving about them at the moment and I felt like I was missing out! The packaging that the Triangl bikini came in was so on point and well branded with the Triangl Logo and brand identity very apparent! Each piece came in its own individual packaging with the Triangl logo on the front. 

 The Bikini that arrived was the gorgeous 'Coco Monbeams' swimsuit set. which is the Ollie Neoprene in Neon/Yellow colored mesh bikini top with metallic bottoms! The sizing's are quite small so i'd get the size up from the size you actually are. And the bikini tops go up in bra sizes! I ordered a Small top and medium bottoms and the fit perfectly!
As well as the bikini gift I received every bikini comes with its own beach bag to match the bikini set. The usually match the bottoms. So my beach bag was silver metallic, its also made out of the same material! The is just another touch that Triangl do to make their packaging extra special & high end! These bags are perfect for days at the beach and makes your beach outfit look very coordinated which I love! 
 As I'm on holiday this week, blog posts won't be as consistent as they ususally are, but I am going to blog while I'm ways to show you all my holiday outfits. Receiving a gift like this is definitely a major perk of being a fashion blogger and makes all the hard work you put into blogging a lot more worth it. I'm now a proud owner of a Triangl bikini thanks to Emma at

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