Monday, 14 July 2014

Reckless Apparel

Reckless Apparel 
Just received this cute little gift set off the lovely girls over at Reckless Apparel! This is a gorgeous little hand made purple gingham cropped top and matching scrunchie set. I've seen a lot of independent companies trying to make these cropped tops that are really on trend at the moment. But a lot of them aren't good quality and poorly made! But the girls at Reckless Apparel have got this on point and its made very well. Unlike others that I have seen, its figure flattering because of how they have designed it. Where as other companies they look quite box like and not very flattering. 
I cannot wait to style this little top, i'm going to wear it with a pair of Levi shorts & white chunky caged sandals. You can dress this top up or make it more casual which I love how versatile it is! 

Follow the girls at reckless apparel at: 

@Reckless.apparel (Instagram)
www.reckless-apparel/ and Lookbook)

Thanks Again to Reckless Apparel for this gift,
Ellie xox

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