Sunday, 27 July 2014

ACCESSORIES || Rara de Barr

I've came back from holiday to this cute little package off Rara De Barr fashion jewellery. The the colour of the wrapping paper especially how it matches my flowers! Rara de Barr sells gorgeous fashion jewellery & accessories at bargain prices! They also offer FREE UK shipping unlike some companies which helps keep down the price of stunning accessories. 
The lovely girls at Rara De Barr sent me this cute little 4 piece set, including 3 bracelets & a pink pastel necklace. I love how the pink shades compliment each other and makes the mint green one stand out. These cute delicate bracelets are perfect for stacking and will go with a lot of my summer wardrobe.  They also look lovely next to my Michael Kors gold watch.
Thought I'd make he most of these gorgeous flowers I received this week by using them in my pictures. Especially as they have lovely pink shades in them which go with the pinks in the bracelets. I've also recently started playing about with Henna paint, I love creating unique patterns and I'm currently covered from practicing! I got the paint off ebay for around £4! You can also buy stencils to help with designing a pattern to go on your body. They last around 2 weeks and don't leave any marks. 
These cute delicate gold bracelets even have a cute little Rara De Barr charm hanging off the adjustable strap which is important on bracelets I think as you don't want them handing off your arm or half way down your hand. The necklace also has this, so you can change the position of where the necklace is placed.

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