Monday, 21 July 2014

Euphoria Creations

Euphoria Creations 
 I've received more treats this week! This time from the lovely people at Euphoria Creations. Euphoria is an online jewellery company based in the UK that sells unusual & unique gemstone pieces! I love the cute little gift back that the necklace arrived in with matching business card which is a sweet touch! I love it when companies make an extra effort and pay attention to detail on their packaging! 

The girls at Euphoria give me the choice of their stock & I loved their wire wrapped stones. I love the whole collection of these stones so couldn't decide on a colour so I let them choose. Euphoria sent me this 'Green Adventure' stone. The stone is the stone of opportunity and is thought to bring good luck, especially in competitions or games of chance! I cannot wait to style this necklace and it will definitely go with a lot of outfits in my wardrobe. 

Follow Euphoria on Instagram @euphoriacreations to follow their journey and take part in their regular giveaways and discounts! 

Thank you again Euphoria Creations  !
Ellie xox

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