Monday, 24 October 2016

FASHION || Rose Gold Metallic Obsession #RockChic ft SILK PYJAMA STYLE TOP

Hey Everyone, 
So I’ve had a wardrobe update and a slight change in personal style, recently I’ve been really loving the ‘rocker chick’ style and with winter fast approaching, I no longer need an excuse to wear all black! But I have been trying to mix it up a little by adding some block colours into my wardrobe.

Rose gold metallic is the new season's shade, it’s both feminine and packed with sass, you can wear it and work the luxe life or wear it and be a total #girlboss with edge.

Metallics have been all over the place throughout the summer months, and they’re not going anywhere, so I decided to fill my wardrobe with some metallic essentials starting with this pyjama style top!

I’m absolutely loving these Pyjama style tops and as I’m still in full hibernation mode. It's no surprise I love a style, that closely resembles my winter PJ's! I know they can be quite hit and miss with some people, a bit like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Personally, I love the style. They are seriously comfy and very chic if you dress them up the right way. I’ve gone for rock chick vibes with this outfit by pairing it with my All Saints leather jacket. 

I’m on the look out for some more of the nightwear-as-daywear trends on the high-street as this style top is my new replacement / alternative to my usual shirt.  

What I’m Wearing ||
Leather Jacket – All Saints
PJ Shirt – Primark 
High Waisted Ripped Jeans – Matalan (10% Student Discount) 
Hair Extensions - KoKo Couture 
Metallic Boots - Primark 
Backpack - Primark  

I’ve also been updating my ‘shoedrobe’ as I wanted to experiment with footwear and go for shoes, that I wouldn’t usually wear, so with boots being the ultimate winter investment. I thought it was time to update, having said that, it’s just as important to keep the price in mind, which is where Primark comes in.

While Primark’s boots look as though they’ve walked straight off the runway, these rose gold beauties were only £15! Yes, I know not everyone is going to like them, but to be honest, I don’t care, because I love them!  A touch of shimmer is perfect for making any outfit ‘night-out’ ready. Even better, metallic shoes can turn a simple outfit into a standout outfit. 


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

FASHION | Lounge wear you'll love with MissPap

Misspap lounge wear
Hey Everyone, 
So winter is finally upon us and the dark nights and cold mornings are well and truly here. This means time to stock up on PJ’s, loungewear and fluffy jumpers. 

Leaving the house in your comfiest clothes, while still looking great sounds a little too good to be true, think again, MissPap have hooked me up with this Bardot jumpsuit as well as some other A/W16 essentials to keep me warm and fashionable this winter.

Misspap Blogger Collaboration
Loungewear being a trend is a game changer, as it’s not socially acceptable to go out in public wearing a onesie, this jumpsuit I feel is the next best thing!  I do think you can dress this sort of thing up as well, paired with a choker and some heels, you could create a completely different look. A/W 16 Loungewear you'll love
This jumpsuit is another level of comfy so I'm going to get as much wear out of them as possible. Misspap also stock them in a range of other colours, from khaki, maroon and even a glittery gold one.Fashion Blogger Ellie Rees
What I’m Wearing 
Jumpsuit – Misspap
Shoes – Primark 
Backpack – Spiral UK
Hair Extensions - Pink Boutique Spiral Backpacks Uk
Another trend that’s hot this season, which no doubt you’ll have seen a lot on the high street is backpacks. I was also lucky enough to collaborate with Spiral UK with their backpack range.  As I'm always on the move with my job, I tend to have a lot of essentials to carry around including smartphone, tablet, cash and cards, keys and much more, so a standard bag isn’t quite cutting it for me. 
This is an ideal accessory to match a casual outfit for a lazy day. I picked this Spiral faux leather canvas in black featuring the studs as I imagine I'll get more use out of it over the brighter colours. 
Bijoux OG Spiral Backpack

Ellie Rees x 


Monday, 10 October 2016

FASHION || Interviewing Alesha Dixon over lunch + Alesha Dixon LBD Collection Launch

Alesha Dixon Manchester House Little Black Dress Launch
Last week in the glamorous setting of Manchester House Rooftop bar and restaurant ,where I attended the Little Black Dress Company launch party of Alesha Dixon's new collection on behalf of DC Couture.  This was LBD’s biggest event to date and alongside member of press, key bloggers and the team LBD we got to browse the collection for ourselves with plenty of champagne at hand. I went along to the event with Julie from the fabulous Gossip Magazine. The day was enjoyed by all as LBD unveiled the most desirable new season party dresses from Alesha Dixon's new range and LBD collection.
Alesha Dixon Manchester House Little Black Dress Launch
Photography - Paul Harrows Photography Studio
Of course it being Alesha Dixon’s collection launch, it meant that guests were fortunate enough to have a meet & greet with the beauty.  I caught up with Alesha over lunch and we talked about all things fashion, social media and the mutual love of food!Blogger Interviewing Alesha Dixon in Manchester
What brought about your decision to go into fashion? 
I've been really lucky, that I’ve worked in an industry that has enabled me to wear some incredible designers over the years, that gives me an   appreciation for the craft of making clothing just how much dedication, it takes to come up with beautiful garments. I’ve been really inspired to play around with fashion whether it's on stage as a performer or on TV as a judge or at red carpet event so I feel very blessed, I often get a lot of feedback from friends who aspire to dress like that which is unrealistic and so is the price point, especially for a lot of people so it felt like a natural progression to go into fashion.Manchester House Little Black Dress Collection Launch With Alesha DixonHow did the partnership with LBD come about for your collection? 
 My best friend wanted to do the same thing so the collection and collaboration organically happened between the two of us. Then I thought how can I create some special occasion dresses that don’t have to break the bank that women can feel fabulous in – that have red carpet vibe without having to spend thousands of pounds.

You don’t have to spend a fortune it’s about thinking outside of the box. I think my love of fashion has grown and grown. As much as the fashion world is unobtainable for a lot of people you can still take inspiration from it, you can still be inspired by what’s going on the catwalk or what designers are doing and just apply that to mainstream clothing.
 Alesha: Collaboratively, I make the final decision, I’m a team player whether it's working with Little Black Dress (LBD) thinking what fabrics to use or what trends are happening in the next seasons, always trying to stay ahead of the game and yeah you always start with the dress then you do your hair, makeup nails, - I have an incredible glam team that are fantastic at what they do, it's about me trusting their judgements. With anything you live and you learn, you get to know what works for you and what doesn’t. I still make mistakes from time to time I think that’s okay that’s what fashion is, your supposed to have fun with it. You can't always get it right, you’ve got to try its all about trial and error and I love that about it.Alesha Dixon Collaboration With Little Black Dress Interviewed By Gossip Magazine Alesha: For me what is perfect? There is no such thing. I’ve always said about myself I’m perfectly imperfect, the reality is I’m not striving to be perfect. I’m trying to become the best version of myself that I can be, I’m human, like all of us I have good days and I have bad days. It’s the same with fashion some days you knock it out the park and other days you want to hide.
Interviewing Alesha Dixon about her little black dress collection
Alesha: ‘I like that your eating with me because I’m usually the only one doing it! ‘

Has becoming a mum changed your perspective on fashion at all or further has it changed your outlook on life?
When I first became a mum, I’ve got to admit I went a little bit mumsy. I was wearing things and thinking girl you’ve gotta get it back!? You’ve gotta snap back, because I feel you go through a phase where you want to be in tracksuit bottoms and comfy clothes. I wasn’t making an effort for a good few months but then there comes to a point, as I had to go back to work after 3 months but it was quite challenging, I didn’t feel like myself for maybe a good year. Then I started to get a new confidence where genuinely, you accept I’ve got my stretch marks etc but your more content, the human body is amazing, I’ve just carried a human being and you start to have a new confidence and that then helped with how I was carrying myself. It's my birthday tomorrow (date) I turn 38. In the car today I texted my partner and I said I feel like I should be having the birthday blues but I was like actually I feel quite content. I feel more content with myself at 38 than when I did when I was 28! My 20’s were quite up and down.Interviewing Alesha Dixon about her little black dress collection
Interviewing Alesha Dixon about her little black dress collection
Alesha: My baby turned 3 last week and I love it. I love being a mum; she really motivated me to just sort of step up my game like my career. I’ve got this little person relying on me and I've got to make sure that I can provide for her. I don’t want her to have the same struggles that I had as a kid. I want her not to have it easy but I want to make her life as easy as possible.

Alesha: I think my gratitude comes from that nothing came to me easily. I didn’t have the easiest of childhood and I've hard to work really had to get to where I am.Team Little Black Dress Launch Party For Alesha Dixon
Alesha exclusively revealed that her standout piece from the collection is the £89 gold Satin Knot Dress. “I am loving gold at the moment, so if I had to pick one I would say the gold liquid dress,” she said. “As it is super comfy, really sexy and makes you feel party ready.” – which will be available from DC Couture!
Team Little Black Dress Launch Party For Alesha Dixon Alesha Dixon from XFactor getting interviewed about her new clothing rangeAlesha Dixon from XFactor getting interviewed about her new clothing range
At the end of the interview myself & Gossip magazine managed to get a few pictures with Alesha. She then went on to ask about myself and what I do which is where I informed her, that I own a social media consultancy business which she seemed very interested in and asked for some honest opinions on the LBD and her social media which I politely didn’t hold back on. She then went on to ask for my number & business card, wanted me to work with LBD & her on their social media strategies, as you can imagine I was lost for words. What a fab way to end a fab event!   Alesha Dixon with North East Fashion Blogger Ellie Rees in Manchester

Ellie Rees x 

Photography Credit - Paul Harrows Photography

Saturday, 1 October 2016

LIFESTYLE | Girl Who Grew Up In Boro

Girl Who Grew Up In Boro
Another day, another laughable statistic with no real substance. I was in shock/horror after seeing my hometown, the place that had given me so many great opportunities had been rated as one of the worst places to be a girl.  We have some of the best opportunities in the world on our doorstep. One study doesn't take that away. 

I was born here, raised here, educated here; work here, all by choice. I proudly call it my home. 
After leaving college with a great education & getting 4  A-levels, I went to university and completed an Hons Degree in Fashion Brand Management. All while setting up and running my online fashion blog, that to date has had over 100,000 readership. I have been recognised nationally by magazines, newspapers and brands for my hard work and dedication to the blogosphere. Evening Gazette Blogger Social Media Business
Since returning home from university, I was reminded what how great the North East is and how proud I am of this area. I have since I taken the plunge & set up my own social media consultancy business 'Collab Media', with the aim of helping local independent business to gain a wider audience. 

 The main focus of my business is to show the wider online community what Teesside has to offer, from the fantastic vintage shops to the micro-pubs and the independent restaurants. I’m also now using the reach on my blog to showcase the North East at every opportunity.
Ellie Rees Instagram Fashion Blogger

Middlesbrough Fashion Blogger
Fashion Brand Management Graduation > Successful Fashion Blogger with over 100,000 readership > Self Employed > Social Media Consultant all before the age of 21 #UTB  #thisnortherngirlcan

Ellie Rees x 

Monday, 26 September 2016

FASHION || MISSPAP Autumn Wardrobe

Misspap blogger collaboration
Hey Everyone, 
Now that Autumn is finally under way, I can put away my summer wardrobe and embrace fall, which in all honesty is something I've been looking forward to. Autumn is by far my favourite season plus I love A/W wardrobe from the colour palette to layering up and accessorising! Misspap blogger collaboration
I've been lucky enough to collaborate with Misspap on an A/W collab and they kindly let me pick a few autumn staples to feature on Your Daily Dose of Style. I picked out this gorgeous Crystal Khaki Waterfall Jacket.
Khaki waterfall jacket
Misspap Waterfall jacket
lightweight waterfall jacket khaki
As it's not cold enough to get out my cosy parker, these waterfall jackets are perfect for this time of the year, where it's not warm enough to be out in a tee but not cold enough, to not have a little something to cover up. ellie rees fashion blogger from Uclan
ellie rees fashion blogger teesside
Fashion blogger collaboration with misspap
misspap brand collaboration fashion bloggers wanted
I fell in love with this super chic khaki lightweight jacket from Misspap. I find this jacket so easy to throw on with any simple outfit, which instantly dresses it up and looks effortless. 
autumn winter 2016 fashion wardrobe

What I’m Wearing || 
Waterfall Jacket – Misspap
Jeans – Primark 
Heels – SIMMI Shoes 
Halter-neck top – Zara 
Watch – Henry London 
Misspap waterfall jacket khaki jacket
Ellie Rees x 
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